The Bobby ‘Chicken Legs’ Muldoon trilogy

BobbyMuldoon is a 15-year-old boy living in The Gorbals, Glasgow in 1968. He desperately wants to be ‘grown up’ but his journey to maturity is fraught with obstacles. He is crippled by a lack of confidence, tormented at school, ignored by the lassies and controlled by his overbearing mother. Gradually Bobby realises he has the ability to make something of himself and he meets each crisis head – on with a sharp, witty sense of humour and a huge amount of determination. The trilogy begins with The Wit and Wisdom of Bobby ‘Chicken Legs’ Muldoon, followed by Life and Love in The Gorbals and Fame and Fortune in The Gorbals is the final part of this ‘laugh out loud’ trilogy.


I must admit I was very naive to think I could write about The Gorbals without help! As I worked through each chapter I realised that I would have to talk to ‘real’ Gorbals people and ask them to check my research. I have had amazing advice and support from numerous people on two Gorbals related Facebook pages, The Only Way is Gorbals and Go Get Gorbals. I spoke to people who actually lived in the area in the late 60’s and they were happy to share their stories.

Thank you, my Facebook friends! You kept me right with my research! (Please don’t mention the dozens of clangers I made!)