Welcome to my website! Let’s get chatting! As an author, it’s great to talk to other writers about their work so please get in touch and tell me what you are up to! I will keep you up to date with my Bobby ‘Chicken Legs’ Muldoon trilogy!

And you don’t have to write in ‘Weegie’! Although… any chat about the dialect would be brilliant!

2018 /2019! What a journey for ‘Bobby’ and co! The book was adapted for the stage and a forty minute pilot performance planned. This went from the initial Gorbals launch in 2018 to The Aye! Write Book Festival dramatization in March 2019 (350 in the audience at The Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow!) Next came the Creative Stirling (Made in Stirling) performance and now… big plans for 2020! It’s been an incredible journey! Thanks to everyone who has supported me on the way x Now, watch this space!


20 thoughts on “Home”

    1. just wanted to say how much I enjoyed life in the gorbals,loud laughs all the way through and a genuine tear of happiness last chapter, thank you and please tell us what happens with Bobbie and jeannie in the next stage of their life,
      kind regards and thanks


  1. Pure dead brilliant Kate, you must be fair burstin’ wi’ pride. Chuffed for you and look forward to Bobby’s further adventures. Lots of love xxxx


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